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    DNS Server

  1. Change DNS server manually

    Windows Tutorials

  1. Windows Tutorial KeRnVPN Software

    Client Software is now Available!

    KeRnVPN Client Software Download

  2. Windows Tutorial OpenVPN
  3. Windows Tutorial PPTP
  4. Windows Tutorial L2TP

    MacOS Tutorials

  1. MacOS Tutorial OpenVPN
  2. MacOS Tutorial PPTP
  3. MacOS Tutorial L2TP

    IOS Tutorials

  1. IOS Tutorial OpenVPN
  2. IOS Tutorial PPTP
  3. IOS Tutorial L2TP

    Android Tutorials

  1. Android Tutorial OpenVPN
  2. Android Tutorial PPTP
  3. Android Tutorial L2TP

    Linux Tutorials

  1. Linux Tutorial OpenVPN
  2. Linux Tutorial PPTP
  3. Linux Tutorial L2TP

Why us?

We offer you more security and assure you 100% anonymity, with our service you get access to content blocked for geographical reasons, with KeRnVPN bypass the censorship and get access to a free and open internet.

100% Anonym!

We assure you that we will not save any IPs and logs from you.


KeRnVPN is completely free!
If you like our service, we would be very happy about a small donation.

Easy handling

You can use KeRnVPN on Windows, Linux, IOS, Mac OS X, Android, Router and Synology.

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