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KeRnVPN is now completely free of charge.
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Advantages of a German VPN Provider

Due to the current legal situation, German VPN providers can not be obliged to implement monitoring measures because they fall under a corresponding derogation as a secondary provider of public telecommunication services. A German VPN provider must still ensure a high degree of data protection. These include the prohibition of storing personalized data and the anonymisation of users in their own system.

Wlan Security

You think using an public WLAN or Hotspot is safe?Unfortunately thought wrong! Everyone who is using a Network with you and has the needed “know how” can steal your Datas and Passwords. This will change with a VPN. A VPN transfers all of your data encoded, so no one can steal or manipulate your Datas anymore.

Visit your favorite sites from anywhere

You’re not at home? You want to travel around the world?
You don’t want to pass your weekly series? Or just want to keep your family up to date?
Sadly this isn’t possible in many countries without a vpn, so you can’t use some Social Media Platforms in some countries!
You want to see your English Series in foreign countries?
Our VPN will solve your problem, you can just change your location to another whished countries, without any problems.

Real privacy

Only with a VPN you have true privacy. Without a VPN every Website or App Provider can see your real IP Address as your Location. This will change if you use our VPN. Up to 100 People can use one VPN Server at the same time, so no one can say who really had access to the Website, as your Connection is completely encoded. Our Servers won’t log your activity, this means it’s not possible to track on which website you were or which content you downloaded.

connect multiple devices

With our VPN servers you have the possibility to connect several devices with each other.
Thus, you can create a home network that is interconnected around the world. This means you can connect a computer in the US to a computer in Germany, they act like you're in a building.

Why us?

We offer you more security and assure you 100% anonymity, with our service you get access to content blocked for geographical reasons, with KeRnVPN bypass the censorship and get access to a free and open internet.

100% Anonym!

We assure you that we will not save any IPs and logs from you.


KeRnVPN is completely free!
If you like our service, we would be very happy about a small donation.

Easy handling

You can use KeRnVPN on Windows, Linux, IOS, Mac OS X, Android, Router and Synology.

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